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GunBlood Cheats

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GunBlood Cheats
GunBlood is one of the most popular online flash games about western life. This game fully explain how difficult was cowboys life. You main mission in this fabulous game is to kill your opponent faster than he will kill you. You can find an enormous amount of new levels, which is full of interesting missions. Between killing your opponents you have a bonus tours for example: shooting to the bottles and so on.

You will be very surprised while playing. This bonus missions are the best way to gain shooting experience and to improve your reaction. But sometimes you need a help to achieve your main goal in this game. At our website you can find all GunBlood Cheats for free. So enjoy playing “GunBlood Game” and use “GunBlood Cheat Codes” if you feel difficulties.

Type codes into the “CHEAT” box located on the character select screen

” M O R E A M M O “________Unlimited Ammo

” F A S T F I R E “__________Will Make You The Most Fast Shooter

” P O I N T E R “____________Gives A Laser Pointer To The Gun

” N O H I T “_______________Invincible Mode

Leve 1__Cheat Code – LEVEL1

Leve 2__Cheat Code – LEVEL2

Leve 3__Cheat Code – LEVEL3

Leve 4__Cheat Code – LEVEL4

Leve 5__Cheat Code – LEVEL5

Leve 6__Cheat Code – LEVEL6

Leve 7__Cheat Code – LEVEL7

Leve 8__Cheat Code – LEVEL8

Leve 9__Cheat Code – LEVEL9

Bonus 1__Cheat Code – BONUS1

Bonus 2__Cheat Code – BONUS2

Bonus 3__Cheat Code – BONUS3

Bonus 4__Cheat Code – BONUS4

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