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GunBlood 2

[Total: 78    Average: 4.3/5]

GUNBLOOOOD 2If you want to become a real cowboy, if you like blood and shooter games, then you will spend more than one hour playing Gunblood 2.You can take a new role in this online flash game, a role of a rapid and accurate cowboy. If you are interested, then start to play this shooter game and test the speed of your responseat the same time. You'll be face to face with your enemy like in American westerns. Your life will depend on your response and accuracy. You will have only a few seconds to kill another cowboy and survive yourself.It can be said with confidence that sweaty palms and growing tension will accompany you throughout the whole game. The mission of the game is to become the most dangerous shooter, defeating all the other shooters in gun to gun fight. At the beginning of Gunblood 2, you will choose a character and will start a duel with an opponent. Try to shoot your opponent as quickly as it’s possible, when the countdown reaches “fire” signal.Gunblood 2 is a game of skill, you'll need to get a gun faster than the enemy and shoot him until he will lie down on the floor. There are nine levels and four bonuses in the game. By the way, you’ll have to pass interesting bonus tasks after each third level. You can get a lot of additional points for these bonus tasks. There is also a “cheat” box on the screen of the selected character. You can type one of the codes to simplify the game.

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