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GunBlood 2 Cheats

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GunBlood 2 Cheats
The best way to feel how difficult is to be a cowboy, is to check by yourself, the life of wild west. The game Gunblood gives you such opportunity. In the game you must fight for your life. The most important principal is “Kill, or will be killed”. From the beginning of the game you must choose your character and begin playing the game. You have one gun, 6 bullets and one chance to win.

So everything depends on you, how fast you can aim, and how fast reaction you have. But in case, you are not best shooter we give you a chance to win. You can find Gunblood Cheats at our website for free. Use all opportunities to achieve the main goal, Gunblood Cheat Codes will help you. Wish you good pastime.

Type codes into the “CHEAT” box located on the character select screen

1) Leve Code: LEVEL1

2) Leve Code: LEVEL2

3) Leve Code: LEVEL3

4) Leve Code: LEVEL4

5) Leve Code: LEVEL5

6) Leve Code: LEVEL6

7) Leve Code: LEVEL7

8) Leve Code: LEVEL8

9) Leve Code: LEVEL9

1) Bonus Code: BONUS1

2) Bonus Code: BONUS2

3) Bonus Code: BONUS3

4) Bonus Code: BONUS4

Typing FASTFIRE word will help to shoot more quickly, POINTER will add a laser pointer,NOHIT will help to make an invincible mode, and MOREAMMO will give you an unlimited amount of ammo. This game will be especially admired by boys, but girls are also welcome.

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